Our mission is to educate people on the many benefits and uses of US Farmed Cannabis, personal care products.

Make the highest quality Cannabis products available to everyone.  Quality ingredients, manufactured into quality products, and packaged in quality eco-friendly way. 

What you put on your body is every bit as important as what you put in it.   That is why we create eco-friendly, healthy, effective cannabis personal care products that are accessible to everyone.

We care deeply about our environment and protecting the planet.

We believe that the earth deserves to be treated well and we pride ourselves in being good stewards of the environment

We understand the impact we have on our local environment as well as this planet. We take that responsibility seriously both as a company and as individuals.  We  strive to be leaders in supporting eco-friendly US Farming and Manufacturing because we love the this beautiful planet on which we are privileged to live. 

We buy and use only US Grown Hemp products.  We buy Organic when possible, we buy fair trade when possible, and we buy local when possible.

We support and advocate for American farmers. We understand that growing hemp in the United States will provide a profitable, fast growing, sustainable, eco-friendly crop for America.

Hemp farming in the United States will help America’s farmers, and it will create manufacturing jobs in the creation and production of hemp-based products like Ameri-Canna Brands.

We Believe in:



Cannabis Healing

Transparency in ingredients

Buying locally

Environmental Responsibility
Fun is good
Honesty and Integrity

Organic, sustainable, agriculture

US Manufacturing