The story begins before my time, in 1937, when the Marijuana Tax Act was passed and world production of Cannabis peaked. Popular Mechanics magazine touted Hemp as the first US “billion dollar crop”. There were more than 25,000 recorded uses for Cannabis, and during the Hemp for Victory campaign during World War II, US Farmed Hemp was vital for making ropes, webbing, and canvas to be used on Navy Ships.

After the war, cannabis met its demise. Cannabis Farming licenses were evoked and the last hemp farmed legally in the US was in 1957.

My passion for Cannabis began, like so many others, after high school. I was a college drop out living close to Atlanta, GA and I used to attend NORML rallies and events in the area. I began to educate myself of the many uses and benefits of Cannabis, and, at the time, I never thought that people would be building careers around this fabulous herb.

I began to see that we were innovators of “everything old is new again”. In the early 40’s, it was US farm to US manufacture to US retailers to US consumers. Full circle American made as I call it. My family on my mothers side were farmers, my family on my fathers side were Factory Workers from the 40’s until my father retired. This really spoke to me.

Since the late 50’s, US agriculture has been in decline. In the late 60’s you begin to see manufacturing jobs moving overseas. By 2014 manufacturing as a share of the economy accounted for less than 9%. At Ameri-Canna, we have created an opportunity where we can contribute to fixing this.

At Ameri-Canna, we create products using only the finest US Farmed Hemp. We support and advocate for American farmers and believe that growing hemp in the United States will provide a profitable, fast-growing crop for US farmers. We believe, and are set out to prove, that growing hemp in the United States will help farmers, in addition to creating manufacturing jobs in the production of Cannabis-based products.

At Ameri-Canna, we support and advocate for American manufacturing and believe that we as companies have a duty to create US manufacturing jobs, so we choose to manufacture our products in the US. We also choose to use US Manufactured and designed eco-packaging. We are American Made through and through. We are Ameri-Canna.

Our goals are simple: educate people on the many benefits of the Cannabis plant. Provide the highest quality Hemp products at affordable prices. Create a company, brand, and line of products that exemplifies responsible business practices. We care deeply about our environment and protecting the planet. We understand the huge impact we can have on our country and the earth in supporting US Farmed Hemp, buying locally when possible, buying organic when possible, and in practicing responsible business from start to finish.